Operation: NO GANG

Peer-Based School, Social Service Agency and Community 
Gang Prevention-Intervention Strategies and Education

Gang Awareness Seminars, Workshops and Training Presentations

Street gangs plague communities and schools throughout the country, but particularly the Southwestern United States. The number of Street youth gangs in our communities is growing rapidly and unabated. The mode of operation and culture of these Street youth gangs are different from that of other gangs. The great majority of adolescent gang members now use the Internet (namely MySpace, Facebook, Flickr, and similar social networking sites) to announce their affiliation and communicate their loyalty and intentions, in addition to promoting the name and spirit of their gang. 

Operation No Gangs will help your organization to understand what makes the gang tick and stick, how it recruits members, what gang activities involve, what gang graffiti means, how gangs are structured, how they regulate their members, how gangs communicate with rivals and the community at large. Social service agencies who want to learn about how to work with and understand the gang-affiliated adolescent will benefit greatly from understanding the belief system and culture of the Street gang. 

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