Know your Street Gang

Street gangs are taking on a less in your face appearance now a days, but this doesn’t mean they are gone, says local law enforcement.

Helping you recognizing gangs and gang members is our focus and what we want to teach every one around us.

Currently gangs and gang member are not broadcasting their affiliation like before. They rather stay under the radar, and stay low key.

There is less stacking or signing, less graffiti being plastered over walls, but tattoos are still prevalent.

Although gangs are a lot more subtle and underground, they are still active and still looking at starting problems. Here are some of the most common gangs and how to recognize them.

The Bloods

The bloods are one of the largest street gangs in the world, and stretch to pretty much every state and province in America and Canada.

Blood gang members usually are easy to spot by the color they wear, and their tattoos. Click here for some of the common bloods gang tattoos. Blood members sport the color red and have red bandannas.

Bloods throw up B hand signs to show who they are representing. You will see this a lot when there are rival gangs near each other. This is a way of antagonizing each other.

The Crips

The Crips are the Bloods rivals and are sworn enemies. Crip gang members wear blue clothing and wear a blue bandanna and throw up the C gang sign.

Crips are a very large criminal organization and there are more crip gang members than there are bloods.

MS 13

Known as the most ruthless and violent street gang of them all. MS 13 surpasses both the bloods and the crips when it comes to members.

They are violent and show no regards for anyone. If you see these members in your area, call the cops immediately and let them know of any gang activity you see or here.

For more gang information, check out they have all the information on street gangs, MC’s and prison gangs.


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