Signs of Hispanic Youth Gang Involvement


(Southwestern US, El Paso, TX - Southern New Mexico)

15-minute interview with Director of Operation No Gangs about Signs of Possible Hispanic Youth Gang Involvement.
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Red and black bandana, black cap
Operation No Gangs exhibit of typical cholo gang clothing, El Paso, TX circa 2008
example of red clothing used by some gang members
Teen Hispanic gang member wearing red clothing, red bandana -  Operation No Gangs
blue plaid oversize button shirt, dark blue Solo pants, Lokes sunglasses - preferred clothing type Hispanic male gang members, El Paso, TX -Operation No Gangs

red, gold and black bandana                       various Hispanic gang-preferred clothing items                red clothing items preferred by Blood otr Norteno  gang members               blue clothing referred by Sureno members, Lokes

gang bandana examples courtesy of Joe Espinoza, Laredo, TX              


*bandana exhibit courtesy Joe Espinoza/STEP Laredo, TX -
examples of various types of bandanas
Bandanas in specifically chosen colors are commonly worn by Hispanic gang members on the head, over the mouth, around the neck, folded in a back pocket of pants or wrapped around the ankle with pants leg bottom pushed up.

In the El Paso, Texas and Dona Ana County, New Mexico region specific types of clothing brands and types: Dickies pants; Nike Cortez shoes; military belts with Old-English buckle lettering; Caramelo shirts; Pendleton shirts; Solo Brand clothing; Lokes sunglasses; bandanas in the colors yellow, red, blue, black, grey or white are often indicative of traditional (old-school) Hispanic youth gang involvement (Specific clothing brand preferences vary by region and the pictures here may have no relevance to other areas of the United States)                 operationnogangs
Nike Cortez shoes, dark-colored Dickies brand knee-length shorts - a preferred clothing type Hispanic male gang members, El Paso, TX -Operation No Gangs
khaki pants, oversize flannel shirt - examples of male Hispanic gang type clothing El Paso, TX  - Operation No Gangs khaki Dickies pants, brown flannel shirt, military belt - examples of male Hispanic gang type clothing El Paso, TX  - Operation No GangsTypical classic cholo Hispanic male gang member attire, El Paso, TX - Operation No Gangs flannel shirt, typical male Hispanic gang member preferred attire, El Paso, TX - Operation No Gangs                  
 Nike Cortez shoes, knee-length Dickies shorts      plaid heavy flannel shirt      black Nike Cortez shoes, Dickies pants   khaki pants, military belt, flannel shirt   heavy plaid flannel shirt in dark color and Lokes sunglasses
black Ben Davis pullover shirt, representative Hispanic cholo male gang member clothing, El Paso, TX - Operation No Gangs
grey Ben Davis shirt
flannel shirt, a preferred clothing type Hispanic male gang members, El Paso, TX -Operation No Gangs


Religious articles and tattoo drawings are often displayed by especially older Hispanic gang members. Rosaries are not as common in El Paso as they are, for example in Laredo, TX or Chicago, IL. A rosary of a color preferred by a gang is typically worn. Some members wear these more for reasons of being able to express their gang affiliation under the guise of religious expression, rather than for purposes of religious practice. Rosaries are banned clothing items in some Texas school districts because of their gang affiliation.

Rap song by Payaso 915 regarding El Paso original gangster clothing styles

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